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For all your Video Marketing, Print Advertising, Branding, Social Media Campaigns and Digital Content Creation requirements.


Brand and Image Development

Impress your clients,
influence your investors and build a stronger BRAND IMAGE with our stunning corporate videos tailer-made for your company including
Corporate Portfolios,
Employee Training Videos,
Product Launch videos,
Intructional Videos,
Safety Videos,
Technology Demo Videos &
Customer/Client Testimonials.

TV / Theater / Radio 

Products and Services

Capture the attention
of your target audience and convert them into loyal customers with our compelling advertisement films which stand out from the usual clutter.
To make this possible,
we routinely employ dedicated industry professionals from
all over India to produce
high quality video and audio commercials within your reasonable budgets.

Web Series &
Digital Shows

Fictional and Non-Fictional Content

With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and YouTube streaming free and premium media online, and several Indian web app services entering this budding industry, it is evident that
this era of Web TV and online entertainment is here to stay.
We at MBP are thrilled to have exciting new multi episodic web series and YouTube projects lined up, for several upcoming Indian platforms.


Events, Awareness and Causes

Social Media Marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Youtube has become a crucial part of every business today.
Whether you are a large corporation, a small firm or a non-profit organization,
we make effective promotional videos for your special events, awareness campaigns and fund raising videos to reach millions of people all over the world.


Bands and Indie Musicians

Music Videos are not only a great way for independent singers, musicians and bands to showcase the talents to the world but also an important marketing tool to sell their recordings, get more live gigs and opportunities to collaborate with other music productions.
We at MBP create the perfect blend of stylish, soulful and contemporary music videos at affordable costs.